In this article, we will discuss what is called visual basic and the best way to learn it. Also, we will discuss the feature of visual basics and the different ways in which one can learn visual basics.

What is Called Visual Basics?

Visual Basic is a programming language that is created by Microsoft and is known for the Component Object Model (COM). This was first released in the year 1991 and declared as a legacy in the year 2008 by Microsoft. Then they started this up again and wanted to make this an easy to learn and use programming language.

The visual basic allows you to access multiple things and also use multiple applications on a computer. This means that a programmer can use the visual basics to create an application of his own. He will not have to use any other programming language to modify or to make it a website.

Programs that are written in visual basics can also be used in Window API but need to have declarations. The final release of the visual basics was done in the year 1998 and was called visual basics 6.0.

In the year 2014, many people still recommended using visual basics over visual basic.NET. Then there was a survey conducted in the year 2015 on the most used programming languages. It appears that Visual Basic is the second most used programming language that is used in the market.

What are The Features of Visual Basics?

Here is a list of the feature which is there in the visual basics 6.0.

  • You will get to draw your application and also the results.
  • There are lots of icons and pictures which you can use in your application.
  • It has the response to the function performed by the mouse and keyboard.
  • There is also a clipboard and a printer function which you can use.
  • They have mathematical, string handling, and graphic functions in the app.
  • They have the power to support fixed and dynamic variable arrays.
  • You can use either a sequential or a random access files support system.
  • This is a de-bugger and also an error-handling facility.
  • They have Active X support.
  • They have a wizard system that you can use to create your application.

What are The Different Ways to Learn Visual Basics?

Here is a list of ways you can choose to learn visual basics from.

  • Take The Visual Basic Course From Your University

If you have started programming in your university and have a good teacher, then you can ask them to teach you. Or else you can search the internet for those universities which teach visual basics and take admission there.

  • ┬áReceive Training From Microsoft

You can go to the Microsoft learning page and then click on visual basic. There you can see blog posts as well as videos which you can see and read to learn visual basic. Or else you can click on the link provided by Microsoft to learn the language from somewhere else.

The best way to learn visual basic is through a teacher who is there in your university.